Easter Bunny Bait
Easter Bunny Bait
Easter Bunny Bait
Easter Bunny Bait
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Easter Bunny Bait

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Plastic tube with oats, sprinkles and glitter to spread on Easter. This Easter don’t forget about the Easter Bunny! Sprinkle a little bit of Bunny Bait the night before Easter and help them find their way to your home.

It’s our family tradition for everyone to spread the oats, glitter, and sprinkles before our kids(and grandkids) go to bed the night before Easter. The Easter Bunny will smell the oats and sprinkles and the glitter will shine so they will know how to find our house. It’s always a special moment full of excitement and joy!

The Bunny Bait is made up of oats, silver glitter, and sprinkles and comes supplied in easy to sprinkle tubes. The glitter is non toxic but not recommended for children under the age of 3 due to small pieces. The plastic test tubes are approximately 1.25” diameter and 5.5” tall, made of PET plastic and screw caps are aluminum. Also, please note the glitter will settle during shipping so just shake the tube(with top on) and it will spread out.

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