Searching for the Pretty Things

A collection of fine children’s clothing and gift lines that have been a joyful and sentimental part of raising our son, Henry. These treasured brands each hold a part of my Mama heart - first purchase as an expecting mom, preparing our home for our baby on the way, receiving the most thoughtful gifts from family and friends, the first time I held him, his coming home outfit, the long nights & short naps, attachment to his beloved lovie, that first real smile and laugh, reading and teaching, crawling to walking, many firsts and lasts as he gains independence with each year, and each and every day loving on our boy.
We want to deliver that same experience of sentiment and joy to your family through the featured brands in the Loozieloo collection. We believe in customer service that goes the extra mile and gets to know our customers as friends and part of our community. We are blessed to live in an age where that community knows no limit of geography as we can serve so many of you from across the world through Loozieloo’s online boutique. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to carry these beautiful children’s clothing and gift lines and to share them with you.