The Beaufort Bonnet Co.

The Beaufort Bonnet Company creates upscale items for babies and children born with a refined sense of style. Founded in 2012, the company evolved from a few styles rooted in Beaufort, SC to a lifestyle children's brand headquartered in Lexington, KY. The Beaufort Bonnet Company encourages families to embrace childhood and strives to help make memories sweeter.
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The Beaufort Bonnet Co. at Loozieloo

In the heart of the South, where tradition and elegance intertwine, The Beaufort Bonnet Company (TBBC) was born. With roots in the charming town of Beaufort, South Carolina, TBBC has blossomed into a lifestyle brand that embodies a refined sense of style for the little ones. From the iconic bow swaddle that wraps your newborn in a cocoon of love, to the classic peter pan collar shirt that adds a touch of timeless grace, each piece is designed to make memories a bit sweeter. TBBC encourages families to fully embrace the fleeting moments of childhood, offering upscale items that are both beautiful and practical.

The story of TBBC is one of inspiration and vision. It began with a young mother in Beaufort, captivated by a bonnet so sweet it sparked an entire business. Years later, another mother in Lexington, Kentucky, was equally enchanted by a gingham bonnet, leading her to expand upon that original heirloom pattern. Today, TBBC is a testament to the love and care mothers have for their children, offering a range of apparel and gifts that stand the test of time.

As part of Loozieloo, we share TBBC's commitment to quality and sentiment. We understand the joy that comes from dressing your child in a bow swaddle for the first time, or seeing them take their first steps in a peter pan collar shirt. These are the moments that fill our Mama hearts with immeasurable happiness, and we're delighted to offer you a curated selection of TBBC products that promise the same.

So, whether you're celebrating a first birthday or simply cherishing the everyday moments, we invite you to explore the TBBC collection. Here, you'll find pieces that not only elevate your child's wardrobe but also enrich your family's life. Let's make these moments as sweet as they can be, together.