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Spanish knitwear. Family owned and operated for more than 50 years.

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Mi Lucero at Loozieloo

Mi Lucero is a brand that speaks to the heart, with its roots deeply embedded in family and tradition. For over 50 years, this family-owned business has been crafting timeless Spanish knitwear. Nestled in Axarquia Village, at the foothills of Malaga's highest mountain, La Mariam, brothers Jose Manuel and Juan Daniel Martin continue the legacy started by their father. Each piece is a labor of love, designed with the highest quality of cotton for beauty, comfort, and convenience.

But the beauty of Mi Lucero goes beyond the fabric. The brand is committed to generosity, partnering with a Peruvian manufacturer to provide top-notch Pima cotton. This partnership is more than just business; it's a lifeline for Peruvian women. By providing sewing machines, an open repayment plan, and a business mentorship program, each woman is empowered to own her business and earn a living wage.

When you choose a piece from Mi Lucero, you're not just selecting a garment; you're becoming part of a story that values craftsmanship and uplifts communities. Each stitch is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and ethical practices. From the softness of the cotton to the intricate designs, every detail is a nod to the traditions and values that have shaped Mi Lucero for generations.

We invite you to become part of this beautiful narrative at Loozieloo. With Mi Lucero, you're not just dressing your child; you're enveloping them in a legacy of quality, love, and community impact. It's more than clothing; it's a way to cherish the moments that make childhood so special.