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The Proper Peony


Founded in 2014 by sisters Annie and Page, The Proper Peony designs hand-embroidered clothing, layette and nursery accessories for girls and boys. It all started with a vintage dress uncovered at our childhood home with perfect pleats and darling red strawberries beautifully hand-embroidered up the front. With a vision to provide our children the same quality of workmanship and style, The Proper Peony was born!

The Proper Peony creates hand-embroidered styles for children with delightful and discerning taste. We focus on designing highly-detailed, long-lasting and truly classic pieces that not only wear well to the park, but also to special occasions and everything in between. The result is a seasonal collection of beautifully versatile and timeless styles, available online and in fine retail boutiques! 

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The Proper Peony at Loozieloo

The story of The Proper Peony begins with a vintage dress, adorned with perfect pleats and hand-embroidered red strawberries. Founded by sisters Annie and Page, this brand captures the essence of childhood in every stitch. It's not just about clothing; it's about creating pieces that become part of your family's story. Imagine your little one in a jon jon during his first Christmas, or your daughter twirling in a scalloped skirt come Easter—these are the moments that The Proper Peony aims to make unforgettable.

With a focus on hand-embroidered details, The Proper Peony crafts styles that are both delightful and discerning. These are pieces that your children can wear to the park, to special occasions, and everything in between. The brand's commitment to quality and style is evident in every garment, making each piece a versatile addition to your child's wardrobe.

As part of Loozieloo, we resonate deeply with The Proper Peony's vision. We know the joy of dressing our children in garments that are not just beautiful but also rich in sentiment. Whether it's a jon jon that becomes a cherished keepsake or a scalloped skirt that sees countless family gatherings, we understand that these pieces hold more than just fabric; they hold memories.

The Proper Peony offers seasonal collections that allow you to celebrate the milestones and festivities that mean the most. From Christmas to Easter, and all the magical moments in between, you'll find something that adds a touch of elegance and a whole lot of love to any occasion.

So, as you browse through The Proper Peony collection on Loozieloo, know that you're not just shopping for clothes. You're selecting heirlooms, pieces that will be passed down, looked back upon, and cherished for years to come. Let's make these moments as meaningful as they are beautiful, together.