Bauble Stockings


Timeless, whimsical, and a treasure you'll keep forever, Bauble Stockings are extra special for each person. It is sure to be an heirloom you'll love and look forward to its tradition each year.

A Bauble Stocking contains, or has a clue to, the final present of Christmas, a grand finale to the holiday.

Growing up, my mom always received the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she'd done that year, and it, or a clue to it, was found in her needlepoint stocking that hung on our tree. My dad called it her "Bauble Stocking" because on a good year it was a bauble, a piece of jewelry. The tradition of brainstorming for this gift with my dad and older brothers was always my favorite part of Christmas- seeing mom's face was an added bonus!

Every year it's different: be it jewelry, concert tickets, even art lessons! We've done scavenger hunts, hobby lessons, love notes, riddles, trips, heirlooms, puppies, meal delivery services, you name it.

Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished. In 2018, we moved our production to a community of single moms in Haiti.  This organization, Good Threads Needlepoint, has since become a registered BCorp. The women are paid the equivalent of school teachers and nurses. It is an honor to be able to provide good jobs in a country where jobs are hard to come by.

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