Mesh Washing Bag Bundle
Mesh Washing Bag Bundle

Mesh Washing Bag Bundle

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We highly recommend using a Mesh Washing Bag for the following items when you’re including them in a load of laundry. Washing with mesh bags reduces agitation, prevents snagging, and is a great solution for keeping small items together.

Use the bag to protect small, delicate, and embellished items throughout the wash cycle, such as hosiery, lingerie, scarves, sweaters, and more.

If you have an item that has hardware (such as zippers, buttons, or heavy detailing), insert it into a mesh bag so it won’t damage other items in the load during washing.

Washing jeans in a mesh bag preserves their color and prevents tears and frays. Always launder distressed denim in a mesh bag.

Washing workout clothing in a mesh bag preserves its elasticity and prevents shape distortion.

Protect delicates.
Prevent snagging.
Protect distressed denim.
Use for activewear.
When in doubt, handwash.

For use in the washing machine and dryer. Simply place items inside the bag and zip closed. Do not over-stuff!

Care: If you are not placing the bag in the dryer, hang to dry. Always dry before storing.

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