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Feeding Bib: Blue Toile

Nella Pima

Feeding Bib: Blue Toile

Made from Peruvian cotton, this feeding bib is a delightful accessory that will never irritate the skin. As it attaches at the side, it is incredibly easy to put it on and comes off without any hassle. A premium product that offers superior comfort, machine washable and great durability, this feeding bib is ideal for its purpose. 

Just like most things, the quality of cotton can vary greatly. The true secret behind the softness and quality of our products comes from the northern coastal valleys of Peru, known as Peruvian Pima Cotton. The properties of this fiber create for a more durable fabric, that gives it its unparalleled luxurious touch that is most desired


  • Made out of original Peruvian Pima cotton.
  • Terry Cotton Backed
  • Snapback closure.
  • Machine washable.
  • Durable and perfect for regular use.
  • Made in Peru