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Duck, Duck, Goose

Penguin Random House

Duck, Duck, Goose
In this follow-up to the hugely popular DUCK & GOOSE, the two young birds face a big challenge to their newly-formed friendship: the arrival of a duck named Thistle. Duck thinks Thistle is just fantastic, but Goose does not. Any child who has ever felt left out will empathize with Goose's predicament and ALL will instantly recognize themselves in these adorable and eternally optimistic characters.

The beloved, classic, and New York Times-bestselling odd couple Duck & Goose are back, and this time their friendship is put to the test! 

Duck & Goose, Goose & Duck. Feathered friends forever . . . or are they? You see, there's a challenge to their friendship: a little whippersnapper of a duck named Thistle. Thistle is good at everything (or so she thinks), from math to holding her breath to standing on her head. Duck thinks she's fantastic. But Goose does not! And so Goose is faced with a problem close to the hearts of children everywhere: What happens when your best friend makes a new friend?