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Bloomer Set - Molly - Park Avenue Plaid/Navy Velvet (18m)

Petite Fleur

Bloomer Set - Molly - Park Avenue Plaid/Navy Velvet (18m)
Plaid and Navy Velvet:  Park Avenue Plaid

This collection was created with classic Christmas in mind: formal dinners, holiday parties, and church services.  A beautiful, traditional red plaid accented with navy velvet is the highlight of this collection. These pieces say “royalty” and will become family heirlooms!

The top has a high, scooped yoke and is piped in the coordinating navy velvet to the bloomers. Sweet button details on the sleeves and plenty of shirring in the top gives the Molly it's signature airy float.

this is a pre-sale. Ships late October to early November.